Pretty In Pink Iced Tea

After finally having the weather take a turn for the better, I really wanted something refreshing to sip on. It just seems like something you do when the sun is out. So I took from a Thai ice tea recipe that I tried and combined it with a bit of the southern experience and came up with this sweet combination of hibiscus and cream.

Choconilla Cake Batter Hummus

I was messing around with recipes for this week and was really craving something sweet that wasnt a full blown dessert like a cake or cookies. I just happened to stumble upon a recipe for a ‘sweet hummus’ and I thought I bet I could make a recipe that no one would even guess was originally hummus to begin with!

Mouthwatering Brocolli & Tomato Quiche (Vegan)

Being back home I have realized how much I have missed having big family meals together, but with everyone’s crazy schedules it is just too hard to get everything lined up. That being said, Sunday is usually the only day that is free for anything so I have begun the Brunch intiative and started our first week off strong with this simple but mouthwatering brocolli and tomato quiche recipe!

Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies

As it turns out, I am that mom from every sitcom that winds up baking five cakes by accident when she becomes stressed out. Although this has made my cupboards pretty bare, it has revived my friends love for my baking and also caused this lemon poppyseed muffin inspired recipe to come to be.

Cashew & Green Pea Hummus

When you are driving for over 20 hours in a care with your mom, you don’t want to be eating a super heavy snack. Instead, I decided to make a hummus that gets rid of the usual tahini taste that I can’t stand and add in a little something extra. So grab your veggies and crackers and give this new mix a try.

Dreamy Coconut & Banana Pie (Raw)

As I come to the final days of the school year, my friends and I are beginning to say our goodbyes to each other. Well, I am saying my goodbyes to them, they are saying theirs to my baking and cooking skills. For our last big hurrah, we decided to have a big meal together. And guess who brought dessert? With only their flavor preference for banana and coconut as my boundaries, I made this delectable raw pie that was the perfect ending of a farewell dinner.

Over the Rainbow Quinoa Vegetable Bowl

As soon as final exams begin, my unyielding procrastination comes out of the woodwork in the extremest of ways. Sometimes it is binge-watching an entire season of Supernatural in a day and other times it is driving three hours to go to the ocean. Either way, instead of filling myself up with junk food, I have been highly determined to make healthier lighter meal choices so I am not left feeling gross all day long and thus medley of veggies and quinoa does just the trick.